Play tennis
in Tokyo!


Here are some K.I.T.S  Teaching site locations:

  • Mitsui Compound, Junior School, Roppongi

  • Mitsui Compound, Adult School, Roppongi

  • Tokyo American Club, Wednesday Adults *Members only

  • Tokyo American Club , Juniors on Saturdays *Members only.

  • Nishimachi International School, Azabu-Juban *members only

  • American School In Japan, Chofu *members only


   Getting  Closer  to  Playing  Tennis   Again!

New Year…New Courts…New Coach!

Welcome to the Winter 2020 session of Krissman International Tennis Schools!

Courts Newly Resurfaced at our Mitsui School in the Heart of Roppongi

Winter session in Tokyo is our most consistent (weather wise) Season, Beautiful clear blue sky, cool crisp air…Put your warmup on and join us for Tennis in Tokyo!!

Mitsui compound New session starts as early as January 7th   with our Tuesday Juniors beginning from 3:45 for 5 /6 years old’s, 4:30
for 7-8 yrs./5:30 for 9-11 and 6:30 for 12-16. We also have an Adults Advanced begginer class at 7:30-9:00PM.
The Monday and Tuesday Adult group lessons start on January the 13th & 14th  Mornings times of 9:30 and 11:00 AM
The Friday general level class with begin at a new time of 9:30AM
The Thursday Afternoon Juniors and Adult classes will resume on the 23rd of January. For More detail (Click the Adult lessons button and find Mitsui Compound).
Tokyo American Club Adult lessons start January 8th, Wed morning and the vey popular Junior lessons on Saturday Morning begin the 11th.
We Celebrate 25 years of teaching tennis at American School In Japan (ASIJ) beginning the 8th and 10th of January  in our afterschool Tennis Program.
Nishimachi  International School ,afterschool lessons begin the 3rd week in January. (click the juniors lessons button for more information on any of these programs.

New Coach at KITS

Please join us in welcoming our new Pro Coach Filip Koziell!

Filip comes to us from Canada and has extensive experience as a Head Coach teaching Group and Private lessons and will also feature "Cardio Tennis" at TAC this Winter Session. 

As a Player Filip played # 1 Singles and Doubles at Purdue University and graduated with a Degree in Business Management


Krissman International Tennis School (KITS) was founded in 1984 on the core Philosophy that tennis In Tokyo should be Fun and enjoyable while providing a group or social activity featuring plenty of exercise!

The concept was simple, to provide the best possible professional tennis instruction in a fun, and relaxing environment Taught in Native English.

Flash forward 34 years and Today KITS is still a totally independent company with Six teaching locations in some of the most prominent Clubs, Embassies and International Schools in Tokyo.

Our Junior programs utilize the most current teaching methods and most of our English-speaking Pro Staff are USPTA or USPTR certified.

With Over 30 years of teaching tennis in Japan we have some of the Best, Experienced Teaching Professionals in Tokyo at some of the most convenient locations such as Tokyo American Club and Mitsui Compound in Roppongi.

Learn and Play Tennis in Tokyo has been our Motto for over 30 Years…come and experience the “Krissman Advantage”

Look Forward to Seeing You on Court!

Allen Krissman, President

Krissman International Tennis School

Thank You for your patience!

It's been a long ....long...wait but it looks like were getting closer to opening a several of our school locations around Tokyo and will soon be able to once again offer our Terrific Tennis Lessons! We hope it will be just in time to catch some of the last Rays of Summer!!

We will start slow and cautiously, opening only to residents at our Mitsui compound school from June 3oth. a Junior camp for Nishimachi students will follow from Mid- July....and finally we may have a chance to open to all students for a limited program from the middle or end of August!

Take a look at our "Tennis Guidlines" for the best procedures to be safe while playing tennis durring these times  and watch this space or check our Facebook page to get the latest opening News! 


Our email: or call 090-6158-6114 or fax 03-5976-8990

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