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Krissman International Tennis Schools 2021
We at KITS hope you have all had a Safe and Enjoyable New Years Holiday Season!
Afer the difficult and trying year we have all just experienced, I know we are ready to turn the page  and welcome 2021 as a fresh and new start!
Are you ready for Tennis!!
why not Tennis Indoors this Winter? KITS Tennis at Tokyo American Club answers that question. Krissman Tennis has already started the Winter sessions with our "Oh So Popular" Wednesday Morning Adult classes. classes are Intermediate at 9:00 Advanced-Beginner at 10:30 and Beginners at 12:00-1:00.  The classes taught by our Head Pro Filip Koziell are such a hit that we have added another Morning ( Tuesday).
Couch Potato?                       If you just need a great workout before you start your day, why not try the excellent Cardio Tennis classes we offer on Wed & Tues Mornings from 8:00-9:00 or drop in on our new Pickleball class taught by Filip  Tuesdays at 9:15 it's Fun and a great workout! Quickstart                                                           
                                               Tennis  has been our Premier Juniors program at the Club for 22years!
                                               This year we start on Jan 9th and every Saturday morning offering Instruction from age 3 to High school  level. We find tha                                         Tennis is one of the best  sports activities during the pandemic where the students can be spaced and do not touch. All                                                       Equipment is sprayed and the classes are limited (sorry.  Get them off the couch and get the video game out of their hands an                                           and replace it with a racquet!
                                               For more Information or to sign up for any of these classes contact the REC Desk at 2nd floor Tokyo American Club
*Mitsui Compound
We know that many of you have been waiting for our beautiful courts  
at the Mitsui Compound to open up for lessons again. Well the EWA
is being very cautious (and rightfully so) and taking "Baby Steps" in their
approach watching the  Corona situation in Tokyo very carefully before
thay make a decision. We kindly request that you be patient for a few
more months and we promise that any former student (who has 
clearance already) will get 1st priority for class choice when we open.
any student that is owed a credit will have it applied to the new class. Note: for EWA Students the Session will start January 19th and the
New schedule for the Compound will be Tuesdays/Wednesday / Fridays Classes for adults from 9:00am to 7:00 Pm and Juniors from 4:30-7:00
Contact:                                             or 
*American School In Japan
We will begin our afterschool program for Elementary school students at ASIJ on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning the first week of February.
Spaces very limited for this first 7 week session so please contact the Elementary school office to sign up. Middle school will again have afterschool program taught by our Pros contact the Athletic Director or       Classes have very limited space so sign up soon.
*Nishimachi International School
Classes resume the first week of February, finishing out 2 rain days from the fall session so please check with Kyle at
New Winter session will be on Tues/Wed/Thurs  after school starting around the 2nd week of March.
Saturday Junior Tennis Academy Resumes 1st week in February (4 classes left ,spaces are available contact 
Plenty of Chances to Learn and Play Tennis in Tokyo with Krissman Tennis!
      Wishing a Great 2021 for you and your Family from our Family


ASIJ Summer camp.jpg






Play tennis
in Tokyo!


Here are some K.I.T.S  Teaching site locations:

  • Mitsui Compound, Junior School, Roppongi

  • Mitsui Compound, Adult School, Roppongi

  • Tokyo American Club, Wednesday Adults *Members only

  • Tokyo American Club , Juniors on Saturdays *Members only.

  • Nishimachi International School, Azabu-Juban *members only

  • American School In Japan, Chofu *members only

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