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Lesson Cost

The First Question most people ask is "What is the Price of the Lessons?"

It's a bit difficult to say because each School site is priced differently depending on the site.

As a general example you may find our Mitsui compound schools and others with a fee of 3,400 yen for a 

hour and a half group lesson (34,000 yen for a 10 week Session) while a Junior Fee would be 2,500 yen for a hour (25,000 yen for a 10 week session). at the same time the Fees at Tokyo American Club are set by the club for it's private members at 3,000 for adults and 2,000 yen for Juniors.  

Basic lessons are in groups of 10 week sessions and are paid at the beginning of a session.

Best to Contact the Coach or the office to find the exact price for the school you are Interested in. 

Rain Policy

Our Rain policies is simple…. If the lesson is rained out or canceled by the coach for any reason, we add a class to our schedule until the 10-week lesson session if finished. We also schedule in certain holidays and add a class to our schedule if needed.

You can be assured that if you signed up for a 10-week session, you will get 10 lessons from our coaches.

The Krissman Advantage!

Make ups

If you miss a class, you will only get to make it up if the coach has another class of the same level and agrees to have you come into his class( numbers permitting)…

Sorry there is no guaranty of an additional class if you miss. If you sustain an injury, you may be credited lessons when you return.

To get the most out of your lessons, we suggest you try to consistently attend all your lessons. Your group is depending on you! 


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