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Head Coach


Nationality: Canadian

Head Coach Filip Koziell played his first tennis tournament when he was 9 years old and made the junior national team in Canada and played Division 1 NCAA tennis at Purdue University. Filip is passionate about coaching all levels from young kids and adult beginners to advanced players and believes tennis is truly the sport of a lifetime.


Nationality: Australian

One of our very Popular coaches, Phil has been with KITS over 12 years and now continuing on with TTI! You can see Phil on court at most of our schools. Including ASIJ, the Tokyo American Club, and the Mitsui Compound


Nationality: Japanese

Koichi "Kent" Kuniyasu has been with the company for over 5 years and is the Head Coach of the Junior Varsity team at ASIJ, also teaches at Tokyo American Club and at Mitsui doing group and private lessons. Kent is not only is a good teacher, but he's a good player having won numerous Doubles Championships at the City and Club level. Kent also has a degree in English language and has worked in the US for many years

Nationality: American

David has over 30 years of playing and coaching experience, he likes to focus on the importance of strong and consistent fundamentals. Originally from Southern California, David played singles and doubles throughout High School and for his College team. David still likes playing as much as possible.


Nationality: Israeli

Coming from a competitive sports background, Amir’s father was the national men’s volleyball coach and had 3 brothers who all play national-level volleyball. In addition to volleyball, Amir was passionate about tennis as a child and his love for the game and teaching it to young new players really shows through his lessons.

Shin Ichi

Nationality: Japanese

Super passionate and skilled tennis player, Coach Shin Ichi and Coach Kent are both the most active competitors on our squad and play regularly in citywide and provide-wide tournaments. Always laughing and trying to give the most fun tennis experience for the kids, coach Shin Ichi is a great addition to our successful programs at the Tokyo American Club

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