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Kyle hartshorn is our newest coach from "Down Under"...Kyle just started with us last Fall but has already 

taken the mantle at Nishimachi and does His high energy lessons for us at Tokyo American Club and The Popular Junior Groups at ASIJ (American School in Japan).



Phil Sands, Nationality:  Australian

One of our very Popular coaches, Phil has been with KITS over 12 years!  You can see Phil on court at most of our schools and he is the Head coach for The Australian Embassy and Yoyogi International School Programs. Good on you Mate!   call Phil at 080-6803-6171


Colin McMulay, Nationality: Australian  He may look familiar to some of you if You caught his TV Spots or Movies…Our “Media Star” come Tennis Coach has been coaching some very satisfied students at our Tokyo American Club (TAC), American School in Japan (ASIJ) and recently Mitsui Compound school sites. He’s patient, knowledgeable and lots of Fun!!  Come out and take his lesson.


Koichi "Kent" Kuniyasu  is one of our new Coaches you may have seen around our ASIJ or TAC school sites!

Kent not only is a good teacher, but he's a good player having won numerous Doubles Championships at the  City and Club level. Kent also  has a degree in English language and has worked in the US from many years. Come and say Hi and try his lesson.

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